noun/verb: Death by fan (referred to as fan death), either by asphyxiation, hypothermia or suffocation; originates from the South Korean expat community in response to a native Korean superstition regarding fans being capable of killing people in their sleep if a window is not left open.
Since 2005 more than 30 cases of fanslaughter have been reported by Korean police.

This summer saw an increased rate of fanslaughter as more and more people slept with their fans on.

Insufficient ventilation has been credited for fanslaughter across Korea.
by Donald Sealer May 07, 2014
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Death, by unnatural causes, of a spectator at a sports event.
Shannon Stone was a victim of fanslaughter.

A fight over a 50-yard line seat led to an incident of fanslaughter.
by BasicJay July 29, 2011

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