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A shop that sells fake desserts.
I bought a dozen sugar-free cookies and a mock apple pie at the fakery.
by BasicJay August 06, 2011
Death, by unnatural causes, of a spectator at a sports event.
Shannon Stone was a victim of fanslaughter.

A fight over a 50-yard line seat led to an incident of fanslaughter.
by BasicJay July 29, 2011
any aperture on a door, such as a keyhole, mail slot, pet door, observation port, etc.
The mailman slipped the letter through the doorifice.
by BasicJay July 28, 2011
Old wooden sailing ship.
Christopher Columbus got ten thousand miles to the galleon.
by BasicJay August 01, 2011
A war fought in an amiable, courteous manner.
My brother was killed in a civil war. He was a victim of friendly fire.
by BasicJay July 30, 2011

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