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5 definitions by BasicJay

A shop that sells fake desserts.
I bought a dozen sugar-free cookies and a mock apple pie at the fakery.
by BasicJay August 06, 2011
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Old wooden sailing ship.
Christopher Columbus got ten thousand miles to the galleon.
by BasicJay August 01, 2011
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Death, by unnatural causes, of a spectator at a sports event.
Shannon Stone was a victim of fanslaughter.

A fight over a 50-yard line seat led to an incident of fanslaughter.
by BasicJay July 29, 2011
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any aperture on a door, such as a keyhole, mail slot, pet door, observation port, etc.
The mailman slipped the letter through the doorifice.
by BasicJay July 28, 2011
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A war fought in an amiable, courteous manner.
My brother was killed in a civil war. He was a victim of friendly fire.
by BasicJay July 30, 2011
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