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A form of fansubbing so preposterous, it can only be described as shit. Things attributed to fanshits: mistranslation, bad timing, bad subtitle grammar, unreadable signs, and last, but not least, stretching 4:3 fullscreen video to 16:9 widescreen video, distorting the picture horribly. Usually a form of anime fansub; it can refer to any film or show that has fan-made subtitles of grotesque quality.
Steve: Did you see Aasasubs' K-on!, Queen's Blade and Pandora Hearts? Bob: No, but I heard it aired in fullscreen format only. Steve: That's just it, Aasasubs stretched the fullscreen video to 16:9 and blamed it on their "top secret program" they received from a TV company! Bob: Wow, they obviously don't produce fansubs, just fanshits.
by twilightfuckingnoir April 14, 2009

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