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To scam someone out of something they owe you but do not want to give you.
I had to fanoogle her out of the chainsaw I let her borrow.
by Jason Patrick Doherty March 12, 2007
to be all over someone in an intimate way; to engage in innapropriate contact while doing something else
The two liked to fanoogle backstage when they were supposed to be practicing lines.
by Mattqueesha August 22, 2009
something confusing and unquestionable
That riddle is so fanoogle, how do you figure that out?
by Dave Crane February 24, 2009
1. Pertaining to act\s that result in extreme tiredness and\or throwing up. 2. Used as a sexual innuendo.
"My weekend had me feeling quite fanoogled at the end of it."
"Im fanoggled beyond befrazzled..."
"She's off fanoogling into the gutter."
"I think Im going to fanoogle..."
"I might by 82 grandson, but your grandmother and I can still fanoogle like the Golden Days."
"Do you think they will get it on and fanoogle?"
by Gerard Wills January 27, 2004

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