derogatory term applicable to anyone failing to see the light
he's a fannybaws
by Fog June 13, 2003
Top Definition
derogatory glasgow word meaning stupid bastard, most commonly used at the end of a sentence
"shut yer hole fannybaws"
by chris January 07, 2005
Scottish term of derision originating from the programme, "Chewing the Fat" Use your imagination as to what it exactly means
Ho you fanny baws, I'm going to stick my boot so far up your arse you are gonna think Doc martens started making hats.
by joanne August 19, 2004
The word Fannybaws originates from Glasgow and is used as an insult to offend the "wee jakey bastard". This is commonly used in the areas around Glasgow and other parts of Scotland.
You're gettin' chibbed ya wee fannybaws
by Holy Jebas May 25, 2006
fanny baws fantastic brace of words
fanny baws has nothing to do with the glasgow tv series chewing the fat,chewing the fat is a celebration of the glasgow patter,anyway FANNYBAWS is an exceptional term used too descibe anyone who has made a right c*nt of them selves
by fanny baws June 14, 2008
The insult can be used instead of cunt to lessen the impact of the insult, and can sometimes be used in an affectionate manner. i.e.

Haw, fannybaws, whit are you daein'?
See when ah see that wee fannybaws, ahm gonnae buy him a beer.

Etc, etc.
by TheBirdman July 21, 2006
1. A person with negative defining characteristics.

2. Literally, a testicle (baw) and vagina (fanny) combined to form a nonsensical abstract object.
"I don't like him. He's a fannybaw."

"Haw, fannybaw!"
by Chookmeister October 26, 2003
Much like Cunto and baw bag - This is an alternative name for Malcolm Johnson.
GTF Fanny Baws. See also Cunto
by mojo December 14, 2004
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