cheering for the team that is sure to lose to stand apart from the majority.
hey Todd....who you cheering for the in Stanley Cup finals? "Boston" says Todd. Surely you're just fanning dude...everyone knows the Canucks will take it!
by samir rimas June 05, 2011
Top Definition
Means you are doing nothing, relaxing, just chillin. Derived from "Fanning my Balls"
"i'm sitting a home fanning"
"what you do yesterday?.....Nada.. just fanned"
by C-mania January 28, 2007
When someone talks your ears into bleeding. When someone tells you every little bit of information they possibly can. This type of conversation is one sided and just when you think you can get a word in they immediately cut you off with more mumbo jumbo.
I was hoping to tell Megan my problem but she was fanning so much I couldnt get passed hello.

What a overwhelming talker, she is the is the fanning queen.
by The biggest Rague February 11, 2010
becoming a fan of a page on facebook
I got caught up in fanning so many funny facebook pages that I have more of them than I do facebook friends.
by Hip Mama March 12, 2010

1. A device to circulate currents of air, especially one with rotating blades.

2. A flat disk on a handle or a folding semicircular device for waving back and forth in order to cool the face.

3. Something in the shape of an open hand-held fan, e.g. the tail of a peacock.

4. Winnowing machine: a machine with a series of revolving blades used to winnow or clean grain.

He's fanning gnats.
by Jafje September 16, 2007
when you rub peanutbutter all over your clit and let brandy and shamrock lick it off
its ok because its your dog
by emma February 18, 2004
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