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A man's infinite knowledge of everything sports. Scores and stats of any athelete, any team, in any country. Brought to life thanks to ESPN commercials.
Man 1: "Hey you see that game last night?"

Man2: "Dude, I watch every game...NBA, Nascar, Dominican League Baseball! Do you even know what that is? Hey everybody check this guy out questioning my fanhood."
by Brujo77 November 01, 2007
The size of your fanbase.
Derived from manhood.
Guy Number 1: Dude, what are all these fangirls doing outside?!

Guy Number 2: I dunno, they're always there. I must have such a massive fanhood.
by Nottel Inyu May 12, 2009
A guys loyalty to sports.
Did you see the Ravens get killed by the Steelers? Are you questioning my fanhood?
by Derek Lew November 06, 2007
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