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Fucked up teeth. Most commonly used to describe the teeth of FOB's. See fangle.
David: Man did you see that hot asian in class today?
Mike: Yea she was not bad, but when she smiled her fangles were like that great white in Jaws.
by Logizo August 27, 2006
Hey sexy, wanna fangle?;)
by fangleman August 17, 2013
Comes form the two words fake and angle. When a girls display picture makes her look attractive but in real life she is dam ugly.
ME:Have u seen her pic she looks pretty good
Mate: No dude, trust me thats a fangle. She is Ugly
by The Ferret from Hayes November 28, 2006
To share excitement over an interest; especially relevant to those who are part of a particular fandom.
Person 1: Did you see the new episode of Supernatural last night?
Person 2: YES I DID! I can't wait to fangle about it with you after class!
by beagles32 December 09, 2013
1. Angle F.
2. A mangled fag or a mangling fag.
"Oh, that man is such a fangle."
"Hey man, why you hating?"
by Fanglicious May 27, 2008
"Fangling" When a man preforms the art of smacking his nutsac and his dong together.
During the professor's lecture I kept trying to fangle to impress the ladies.
by DeltaChucksilon June 08, 2011
A way to call out to friends and family who have no real objective in life.
Hey Mike, get over here you fangle i gotta talk to you.
by Tromichellen Smith May 15, 2011