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The full version of fanny Best said in a scottish accent.
Jaypreet: "My wife has a body like a goodddesss!!"
Erica: "You're a fangina Macbeth!"

(all above in a thick scottish accent)
by Amyy M December 22, 2007
Portmanteau of "fan" and "vagina".

The state of fandom when a female desires to copulate with a celebrity or public figure.
I totally have fangina for Rahm Emanuel. He's hot.
by allsubtext May 27, 2009
(pronounced fang-gina)
A combination of the words "fang" and "vagina" used to describe:
1) a person who kills the libido (i.e. a human chastity belt).
2) literally a vagina with fangs.
That woman is so much of a fangina that she makes me cut my wrists at night.
by db_astra February 19, 2006
fanny-vagina...ahhh see what i did there, its like fangita but nicer
"oi you wanna see my fangina?" she said
by Sue March 29, 2005