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A belt worn to keep you from getting raped, made from lead and metal, looks kind of like a baby swing at parks. Used in the olden days and still used in some jails.
The king advised the queen to wear a chastity belt, for he was to concerned of thieves.
by nimadude October 28, 2003
A device used to ensure that the wearer does not have sex, or, in some cases, have any form of sexual stimulation such as masturbation.

In modern times, mostly used as a component of BDSM. The wearer will be put in the belt and surrender the key to another person, who then has (theoretically, effectiveness varies depending on the person and the device) complete control over the wearer's sexual release.
I always make my slave wear a chastity belt; by the end of a week in it, he's so desperate for release he'll do anything!
by Knotilus May 11, 2009
Maid Marian's undies
A chastity belt?!?! Oh, that's gonna chafe my willy
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
The bouncer of the Vagina Bar
That chastity belt always keeps me out!
by misssamantha December 04, 2011
Something we all need. Fer sure.
I need to stop thinking about sex, I need to refrain from jerking. Someone get me a chastity belt.

If everyone wore a legit chastity belt there wouldn't be sluts or rapists.
by Dude think about it. September 07, 2011
The same as a cock block, just for women. This usually occurs among twins or a group of awkward females. A male that can hit on both parties during a chastity belting gains manliness instantly.
Mari(twin): Hey Ethan
Ethan: 'sup Mari
Sarah (twin): Hey Ethan
Ethan: Oh erm, hey guys.
Mari: Wanna hang out tonight?
Sarah: Yeah, hang out with us!
Ethan: Wait, which one....?
Mari: Sarah, don't Chastity Belt me!
by starfurmachete February 14, 2010
The roll of fat on a morbidly obese man or woman that folds over and covers the genitals.
She was so fat, her chastity belt nearly dragged on the floor.
by Pyrostevo July 15, 2011