A pneumonic device in AP style for remembering words that receive commas just before them when conjoining two independent clauses. (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
This is an independent clause, but this is also an independent clause.
by Tom March 30, 2005
A male person who is extremely into certain fandoms. Are sane compared to fangirls. Usually like yaoi if they like anime manga and video games.
That fanboy loves yaoi.
by EdgeworthFucker July 01, 2011
A zealot or fanatic of a brand name, character, or product. Also known as otaku in Japanese.
Anyone who is a fanboy of Final Fantasy 7 and every Final Fantasy game/movie after that is not a real videogamer to begin with.
by AYB February 19, 2003
1) A "Lord of the Rings" obsessed fan after he found out Tom Bombadil wouldn't be in the movie.
2) A "Spider-Man" obsessed fan when he found out Peter Parker would have organic web-shooters in the movie.
All I have to say to you fanboys is, "Get a life!"
by crazyrabbits May 05, 2005
Radlin, the greatest of the Dark and Light FAnboys. Ingores common logic for the greater purpose of making people think that DnL will be a good game.
Radlin almost killed himself when he was kicked out of the DnL beta for breaking NDA.
by Homeskillet February 08, 2005
the "childhood" version of wapanese
by Anonymous October 04, 2003
A person with devout love for a programmer (hence forth referred to as "The FanGod" and/or The FanGod's creation despite the fact that it is shit. Common behaviors of the average fanboy:

1) Fanboys can often be found "gorging" on one of The FanGod's appendages.
2) Fanboys will immediately assume everything The FanGod speaks is truth, no matter how absurd/irrational it is.
3) Fanboys will always disapprove of any suggestions pertaining to the modification of The FanGod's creation. This rule can be reversed, however, should rule 2 come into play.
<FanGod> How about we turn all the players into female dwarfs and replace the standard game mode with miniature games of hopscotch?
<Fanboy> WOW! That has to be the single greatest suggestion I have ever heard. I would PAY to play a game like that.
<Fanboy2> Can I send you some photographs of me naked to sign?
by Aegis January 27, 2003

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