An individual who thinks that XBox, Star Wars, comic books, action figures, TV shows, and so on are life-or-death matters that require zealotry. Such behaviors go far beyond merely being a hobby or favorite pastime. These individuals feel that social skills are not required, and see no problem with becoming hysterical over meaningless issues. They often falsely believe that they are simply showing their "inner geek", as if their behaviors are charming and a source of enjoyable humor. They also often think they are clever, and that others "just don't get it". Fanboys frequently show the characteristics of an arrogant, pseudo-intellectual, going on for hours in a droning monologue.
"Dude, that guy on Lost last night got owned! Dude!"

"You are such a fanboy, dude!"

"Am not! YOU are the fanboy, dude!"
by Mike60955 September 26, 2006
Someone whom does one or more of the following:

1) Has an obsession of a certain object, thing, or fad. (Dragonball Z, Baseball, Video game consoles, Yo-yos.

2) One that does not think that his obsession or hobby (if they didn't fit the first one) will make him any real friends or perhaps get him laid.

3) One that defends that obsession beyond all hope and logic. Also, one that cannot back up their statement with anything but flame bait.

4) One that takes his obsession beyond comprehensible levels of sanity.

Lets use all four in context: (Note: I am not a nintendo fanboy or a bush hater. These are hypothetical situations one might observe these things happening)
1)Fanboy: So, did you see the episode of Xena:Warrior Princess last night? OMG, Lucy's using the Hermina Blade! I've only read that in the novels!

2)Fanboy:Dude, Sailor Uranus is so freaking hot!

Other guy: Dude, get the hell away from me.

3) (Two examples)
Guy 1: Well, the gamecube hasn't been doing so well this year....

Guy1: Hmm....the president has been doing a lot towards the economic situation....
Guy2: Yeah! Bush sucks balls!
Guy1: I didn't say that...
Guy2: Bush is a stupid idiot.
Guy1: You fanboys should be shot.

4)Fanboy: And you can obviously see that Rikku in FFX-2 is obviously not wearing much in this scene. The humidity from the sun and the build up in the room must be from that. Yeah....also.... (goes on for half a year...)
by Kirbz February 20, 2006
An extremely devoted follower of a particular media (i.e. film, film director, band, TV series, writer) who takes their love a step further by deriding those who have an opposing opinion. Early use of the term had been directed to anime and Stars Wars "geeks". However, growing popularity of both has limited this stereotype and "newer" fanboy subjects tend to be more polarizing in popularity. Typically, fanboys spend their time lurking around internet messageboards, calling any detractor of their media a "troll", "idiot" or just allege detractor(s) don't "understand" particular subject. Knee-jerk responses like this (over rational, intelligent discussion) makes for quick and easy attribution. Fanboys are also known for creating their own realities and interpretations of their beloved subjects.

The nu-metal band Tool and film director Wes Anderson are both noted for having fanboy followings.
TARANTINO FANBOY: I just watched "The Untouchables" last night, wow did that movie rip off "Pulp Fiction"!

NOT A FANBOY: Did Brian DePalma time travel 7 years ahead of 1987? I didn't know they had that technology back then.

TARANTINO FANBOY: OK, well then, "City on Fire" ripped off "Reservoir Dogs", the plot similarities are too close for comfort!

NOT A FANBOY: I guess Ringo Lam must have time traveled as well, because City of Fire was also released in 1987, well before Reservoir Dogs.

TARANTINO FANBOY: That is a lie! U R nothing but a Tarantino hater, U should stick to Disney and the Family Channel and leave the unique original filmmaking up to US!!!!!
by ChoWares December 08, 2007
A moronic word used much in the equally moronic world of video game culture. It is usually slung at fans of a popular game by losers who are jealous that their game isn't popular. It is related to dumb terminology such as "noob", used by people who embrace unfunny "humor" that eminates the sub-culture of video game players.
As soon as I was called a fanboy, I knew I was dealing with a putz who listens to idiotic Playstation songs by the losers who can't write real music.
by Gaming culture sucks! May 09, 2013
One who is loyal to something, usually a company or manufacturer of some sort, no matter what.
Look at those fucking Corsair fanboys. Pathetic.
by ☢_☢ August 14, 2009
A fanboy is an obsessed fan of a specific anime, video game, or some other media, often hostile to those who disagree. Anime fanboys or otaku might engage is cosplaying, writing fanfiction, or creating fanart. Other fanboys (or the female equivelant, fangirls) of other media might do similar things and also act hostile towards those who disagree.
I just got flamed by some Naruto fanboy simply because I said it was an overrated anime.
by King of Jellybeans November 11, 2007

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