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Memory loss caused by the amount of time since you last visited your family. Usually follows a long holiday visit, then an extended absence.
Jane's visit home last year was a real bummer, but now that it's been awhile she is excited to visit. Guess she developed famnesia.
by JG percussion February 16, 2011
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The phenomenon that after eating a big meal you cannot imagine ever being hungry again.
"I know you are going to the grocery store honey, but I dont know what I want for dinner. I just ate lunch and have bad famnesia"
by Snuggs O'Dade May 22, 2008
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1. It is when you bump into a family member in public and they pretend that they do not know you and vice versa.

2. Or when you have completely forgetten someone is family.

Fam's friend: Hey isn't that your cousin?

Fam's cousin: *waves ecstatically*
Fam: *looks cousin in to the very depths of their soul* Nope. Don't know them.

Mother: We are off to visit your uncle (insert name here) in the hospital!
You: ....who the heck is that???
by W0rdPl@y September 13, 2016
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