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a raging homosexual with a small penis
the queer eyes for the straight guy are huge falwells
by america June 13, 2004
the disease infecting small towns across america turning them into what is known as a "bible belt" with televised baptist services and also thanks to big Jerry god rest his soul said citys cant get Abercrombie or Hooters.
Lynchburd, Virginia is the Perfect example of Jerry Falwell's great and expanding kingdom.
by Cupcake Lindsay April 12, 2008
(Formerly "Lumpkin")The act of receiving (or giving) oral sex while the person is defecating.
Johnny gave Bill a Falwell last night.
by John875 May 15, 2007
A combination of semen, lube and/or spit, and sometimes fecal matter, which is a biproduct of anal sex between two men. Named after the late Jerry Falwell.
- After fucking his ass my dick was covered in falwell.
- Don't forget to wipe the falwell off your dick.
by ymirheim November 06, 2010

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