Exact opposite of shart. When you get a feeling that you really need to take a shit but after being seated on the throne you only fluctuate.
"Man i thought I had to take a massive dump but it turned out to be a false alarm." or "Why are you acting like a huge false alarm?"
by Ratedout August 09, 2008
When you want to fck so you text your booty call to ask where shes at. But you end up wanking it by the time they respond. Thus losing the desire to bang.
Dude: Fck, Im so horny after this lunch. Wonder were Girl is.

Dude> Hey whats up?
*1 hour later..
Girl> Not much, just bored! What about you?
Dude> Nm, False alarm.
by sdletsdance October 26, 2012
when you think you impregnate your girlfriend even though you use two condoms
dude, it was just a false alarm, she finally got her period, it was subsequently delayed by the kidney infection....which i gave her
When your gaydar flares at the time of meeting someone, shortly followed by the time of meeting their (usually extremely attractive) opposite sex partner.
Danny: Hey Mark! I'm Danny, it's SO AMAZING TO MEET YOU! I have been told SO much about you! I can't believe I'm finally seeing you face-to-face. Oh my gosh, hold on right there, I'll be right back! There's someone you just HAVE to meet! *runs off squealing*

Mark: *to himself* This guy's such a flamer... I'd be embarrassed if I was that gay...

Danny: *returns, pulling on the hand of a beautiful young woman* Mark, I'd like you to meet my wife, Suzanne.

Suzanne: Why, hello, Mark. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Danny: *to himself* Well THAT was a false alarm...
by PunkRockHottie June 09, 2008

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