A girl, often tends to be daring and slutty. This girl is a big partier but too insecure to have anyone take her home. Their lack of commitment usually ends in hookups and heart breaks. Also, slang for "cunt".
"Wow! Did you hear that girl Fallon took a shit on a boy at that party last week?!" "No way man, it's a good thing I never took her home!"
by daltcase January 04, 2014
v. to fallon = to laugh at one's own joke, especially during the very act of telling that joke.

Origin: derived from Jimmy Fallon, American comedian (b. 1974 in NY)
Sarah couldn't manage to describe Isaac's hysterical story. She kept fallonning and then would try to start over. The 20-second story took about 4 minutes, most of which was her laughter.
by B'way February 11, 2011
a bovine-like object, person, place, or idea.
"Are we going to the Farm today?"
"Nah man, that's where farmers and Fallons Hang out."

"Hey have you seen Rachel?"
"No, but she is probably with the cows. She tends to act like Fallon.
by Fuzzleopogus March 14, 2010
A creature that is very hideous. Often perceived as being very meek and unattractive. These creatures are often seen as the leeching sort. They will find another species that interests them and try to be just like that species. Soon then start stalking that species and then end up looking crazy. These creatures are very dangerous and they try to get all other creatures in trouble. They usually have the intelligence of a two to three year old. Often depressed and for good reason.
That fallon came over and was a manipulative little cunt.
by nthatisforyou November 24, 2010
A fallon is a unit of measurement used to describe how sexually attractive a man is. One fallon is equal to Jimmy Fallon. This unit is typically used by homosexual men.

The fallon system has very few rules. To be a valid measurement, it must be a positive number between zero and 10. Fractions and decimals are permitted (a person can be half a fallon) but nobody can be zero fallons. Generally, a 10 is not given as it implies the perfect man, but is valid.

The fallon number system is metric, so prefixes may be added to the unit.
Hag: "What do you think of my new boyfriend?"
Fag: "He's about 3 fallons, maybe 4 after a few drinks."
by MonsterousMonster January 17, 2010
A very unattractive child. Seemingly full of body hair and rarely showering.
Hey, did you see that kid? She was a total fallon!
by Kbeef January 03, 2010
A really creepy kid who makes sexual innuendos about everything. No one is sure what orientation he is. The popular consensus is that he's omnisexual (anything that moves or once did). It is not know whether or not his stories are true b/c no one does the crazy shit that he claims nor would he have the time.
by joshuaaw1030 August 28, 2008

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