pronounced "fay-own", as in Fallon, with espanol flavor.

A hick town in Northern Nevada coined by a very good DJ at KRZQ, El Muchacho. First uttered publicly by KRZQ's best DJ, Mel.
Hey everybody, we're going to drink some shine, go to Fallon and tip us some fuckin' cows. Bring your dates/sisters. Yee-fucking-haaaa!
by Seacrest's Pants June 03, 2006
Fallon is an incredible person, no matter how you look at her. She is extremely shy, perhaps a little anxious, except around her friends. Her protective nature is visible towards all who she loves, but sometimes a little too much. People tend to say she is weird or freaky, but those are people who really don't know her. Her heart is huge, and her smile is bright. She also tends to try to carry her friend's problems around with her, while by the same token neglect her own needs. Fallon's tend to have brown hair and brown eyes, and perceive themselves to be short in stature. Fallon's typically fall in love with Joe's or Chris'.
Person A: Who is that? She's so weird...
Person B: Oh, that's just Fallon.
by JustYourAverageGuy November 12, 2012
Mysterious and hottest girl in secaucus high school and north jerz
Even fallon's laugh makes me hard
by mruknowwhoitis September 13, 2011
The name of a God shes beautiful and incredible if you date her once your lucky twice your a god three times your emortal you wont want to break her heart because youll regret it .
She's a Fallon i cant stop trying to win her heart.
An incredibly smart and nice girl. Usually blonde, tall, and blue eyed. Loves waffles. She can be bossy and loud at times. She's usually lesbian. Has boobs the size of an entire state. Overall, Fallon's are pack leaders and everyone follows them. :)
Wow wow wow Fallon told me I was in the group!

Aww man you lucky!

I know to bad she's lesbian.
by Nobodyspexcial September 27, 2013
The act of taking a work dump or a post big meal dump
I love killing time at work by taking a huge Fallon!
dude I ate so much, I'm afraid this Fallon might break the bowl.
by brosauruswrecks April 03, 2015
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