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Someone who cannot be trusted or relied on. A irresponsible individual. A person who fails to excel. A stool pigeon or rat.

The opposite of a "stand up" guy.

Mostly used for males.
Buddy is a real fall down....he ratted his pals out to the cops!
by red81 October 15, 2010
1) An imbecile; someone who can't do anything without support.

2) An imflammatory remark concerning one's appearance or abilities.
Me: That guy in IT can't get anything right...
You: Yeah, he's a real falldown...

Me: Get out of the @#*%& fast lane, falldown!
by Scotty March 17, 2004
A person who is going no where in life
Mike is such a falldown he failed all his courses and never went to class
by Rozencrantz May 22, 2007
The opposite of someone being a real "stand up" guy. Someone who is flaky and pushover-ish. A person that doesn't stand up for other or themselves.

Someone who is just awful.
I can't believe what a fall down Brittney is for not showing up to my dinner party without an excuse.

Dan forgot to get Andy's Coin? What a falldown
by EmilyAStory September 04, 2010
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