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only one word is necessary .....pot
Lets go to Fallbrook.
Lets go get HIGH!!!
by Unknown666 October 01, 2006
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A quaint little town in So. Cal. It's lack of anything interesting, motivating, intellectual or entertaining forces the youth of this town to do drugs, skate downtown like it's cool, sit on the couch and get fat, get drunk at small kickbacks and hook up with many of their best friends prior hook-ups and share sexually transmitted diseases. The result of growing up in such town will lead to ultimate unsuccessfulness due to a piss-poor education system, low brain cell count from smoking to much mar-i-ju-ana and loneliness caused by their STD's. Who want's those nasty things anyways?!
Homie #1 "Wasssuhhh essay. What chu doin this weekend?''
Homie #2 "I'm going to *****'s party fool, then after it gets rolled after an hour I'm going to go to blockbuster and rent 'Letter's to Juliet'."
Homie #1 "Siiiiiiick brah, can I join you? There's nothing to do in Fallbrook........ That movie looked nice."
by yo mama #1 January 12, 2011
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