The best band on the face of the earth... Nuff said.
Patrick stump... Nuff said.
Fall out boy...nuff said.
by Helllllloo. January 17, 2010
A band that sucks.
...You better publish this.
Fall Out Boy sucks.
by Jessem August 27, 2006
1. Radioactive Man's sidekick on 'The Simpsons'. Directors came to Springfield looking for a new Fall Out Boy for their latest 'Radioactive Man' film. Milhouse was cast much to his dismay.
2. God-awful emo band. Members are Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump (Oh crap, I know their names!). If they weren't good enough, Pete Wentz has signed crappy bands like Panic! At The Disco to his record label. Rock music is dead.
1. "Watch out, Radioactive Man!" - Bart Simpson.
2. Fall Out Boy killed rock music. The bastards.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 12, 2006
The worst band that has ever hit the planet i hope they het hit by a flaming tire and die
teen girl: omg im like sooo punk i just saw fall out boy!
another teen girl: omg like i know i should go see fall out boy so i can be as punk as you!
me (who coincidently is a teen girl): fall out boy isnt punk you idiots! *throws flaming tire at them*
by fob_hater April 14, 2006
Quite possibly the worst band I've heard in my life. So many people are giving them credit on this site, and using words that make them seem good. The only thing good about them is that they're easy to make fun of.
Led Zeppelin > Your Mom > Fall Out Boy
by Bluescat April 09, 2006
One of the crapiest crap ass crap bands to walk the planet. Psuedo emo, mostly pop-punk driven. They think they're punk, but, I'm sorry to say, they are not. They suck, and Dance Dance is one of the most irritating songs I have ever had to live through.
FOB fan- DUDE Fall Out Boy Rocks! I love them!
Real punk fan- FUCK YOU! YOU SICKEN ME!
by mypinkninja December 22, 2005
The most awesome punk/emo band since... EVER!!!!! man they rock! you have not lived until you hear "grand theft autumn" and by the way the new album, from under the cork tree, is so incredible. F.O.B rock, rock, and rock some more. also if you like them, see taking back sunday/ brand new.
"turn that shit off, let's hear some fall out boy"

"woah I just got fall out boy's new album"

"You look like the bass player of fall out boy"-"fuck off!"
by PunkRockEm June 08, 2005
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