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(n) the shitiest band to ever live. they are not the pride and joy of Ilinios but are acctually the scum of Ilinios. we all(us Iliniosians) all agree the suc and should go cut themselves along with all there fans. a.k.a. possers and fags
Emo Kid: I love you fall out boy!!!!!You have the best music ever!
Cool Kid: What are u talking about the dont make music the make shit fall out of amps!
Emo Kid:*depression*
Cool Kid: What a queer(he procedes to kick the living shit out of him)
by tom beotch! December 06, 2006
26 40
1. Radioactive Man's sidekick on 'The Simpsons'. Directors came to Springfield looking for a new Fall Out Boy for their latest 'Radioactive Man' film. Milhouse was cast much to his dismay.
2. God-awful emo band. Members are Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump (Oh crap, I know their names!). If they weren't good enough, Pete Wentz has signed crappy bands like Panic! At The Disco to his record label. Rock music is dead.
1. "Watch out, Radioactive Man!" - Bart Simpson.
2. Fall Out Boy killed rock music. The bastards.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 12, 2006
29 43
Fall Out Boy is a band at the forefront of a new movement of boy bands who try to disguise their true identity by pretending to be emo and/or punk. In reality, they have very little musical talent and are a pop-oriented boy band. They are very popular but thankfully the only people who take them seriously are young teens who watch MTV constantly. Therefore, their opinions are completely worthless.
Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco are worthless pieces of shit.
by character zero June 21, 2006
29 43
(1) A stupid little band for all the Emo kids to fall in love with. (2) Papa Roach's replacement. (except that Papa Roach used to be kind of cool) (3) The least audible band in today's society. (4) The peak of boy band gayness.
Cool Kids: We listen to cool music!
Emo Kids: Us too, Fall Out Boy all the way!
Cool Kids: .....Kill!
Emo Kids: Oh no, now we're dead because Fall Out Boy sucks.
by Chris Howard January 16, 2006
124 138
One of the crapiest crap ass crap bands to walk the planet. Psuedo emo, mostly pop-punk driven. They think they're punk, but, I'm sorry to say, they are not. They suck, and Dance Dance is one of the most irritating songs I have ever had to live through.
FOB fan- DUDE Fall Out Boy Rocks! I love them!
Real punk fan- FUCK YOU! YOU SICKEN ME!
by mypinkninja December 22, 2005
79 93
The best band on the face of the earth... Nuff said.
Patrick stump... Nuff said.
Fall out boy...nuff said.
by Helllllloo. January 17, 2010
1 16
They suck so much. I actually went to their concert in Norman, OK. But I didn't go for them. Because they suck.

It was funny. The concert was pretty much infested with emo kids. 90% of the people that went for FOB, only knew Sugar, We're Going Down, and their other singles.

Pete tried to cuss 30 times no stage, just making himself look like a moron. Please stop taking pictures of yourself naked.

Patrick, shave your sideburns.

And on the screen thing, they showed FOB before they preformed, and Pete was walking around in a towel. I guess he thought he looked good.

Oh, and it takes them too long to set their gay stage up. It took like 30 minutes.

And since when does Fall Out Boy scream?

I don't know the other's names, or anything about them, because my dad's girlfriend's kid doesn't think they're "hot," so I never hear about them.
Shit > Fall Out Boy.
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