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A japanese Illustrator who does awesome illustrations for the SNK Games and some Fanart as well.
Falcoon's rendition of Iori ROX!
by Chris Falcon October 25, 2007
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The car of choice for a bogan.
I got an EA Falcon yesterday. Pity my mate's VN Commodore beats the shit out of it in a drag race.
by Ford SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! April 27, 2004
Word to desribe bogan-like car "Falcon" designed (poorly) by Ford. Mainly used in Australia. Most commonly driven in get-aways by poor Australian peoples. Main structure fault: Everything, especially the home-made plywood spoiler.
My mum better not get a damn Falcoon, or she's outta the house!
by Smythe November 01, 2003

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