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Faisal is the name of a terrible rogue on the gurubashi server on world of warcraft.
Faisal is awful at WoW.
by Otie July 19, 2006
48 136
in simple terms , means THE DON
He become a faisal, the undisputed DON
by rachel April 17, 2004
319 114
A trend setter. A person that everyone wants to impress and can't hate. It is believed however, that many will try to hate on Faisal due to the perfection he brings to an unperfect world, but inside they know that its strictly either admiration or envy; Another level of genius. It is reported that he was brought down to take humanity onto another level, but the envious ones try to denounce that.
Ignorance is bliss, Knowledge is Faisal.

Oh my god this guy thinks he so Faisal.
by Sir Albert Einstein November 30, 2009
282 103
A popular male name in South Asia, and few arabic countries

One of Saudi Arabia's king was named Faisal
A popular male name in South Asia, and few arabic countries

One of Saudi Arabia's king was Faisal
by RS Player May 01, 2005
262 119
u all stupid punks, everyone knows the real meaning of faisal is a guy with realy good hair style.
"Wowww, nice hair, you got a faisal hair style"
by Alicia April 17, 2004
323 186
Meaning: Superman. Context: In any situation used to describe Superman/Clark Kent - the real life version is Faisal.
This is not an example: it's a reality.

"Look up in the sky! That's Faisal saving the world!"
by Dark Clark January 19, 2008
173 61
Getting a blowjob while eating halal chicken.
PERSON1: Man, this stripper gave me a faisal yesterday.
PERSON2: Sweet!
by Torsa December 03, 2008
159 145
3atal , A person that works at the airport and puts the luggage in the carriage while wearing a blue suit that indians most usually wear.
faisal help me with my luggage now
by yoman9191 September 04, 2011
28 57