Fat and hairy.
Look at that fairy bitch walking across the street
by ahfobkjangoiaho129ru19t90uf May 08, 2016
god like creatures that live in all electrical appliances and controlle them
1.toaster pixies
2.DVD pixies
3.TV pixies
etc etc
by dark-gaz52 May 19, 2005
1. A major insult to a person
2. A major flaming homosexual
1. God Steve is such a Fairy
2. Steve is a fairy fruitcup
by urmom675467548 April 19, 2010
Edward Cullen
OMFG He sparkles!!!!!! Edward Cullen is a fairy!
by silence the ninja April 21, 2011
why the toaster works
the toaster are pleased, the toast is good
by la scrub August 07, 2003
A male who is so gay, it violate the boundaries of human capabilities.
That kid Terry over there, look at the way he dances. What a fairy.
by J.C.H. May 23, 2007
Pleaseant term for female genitalia (predominantly British)
Get away from my fairy you dirty fucking perv
by Dav December 23, 2003
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