1. A statement in which the pronouncer neutrally accepts to having made a mistake, normally after having given instructions; a face-saving technique

"Take that Halloween mask off, it's creeping me out"
"This isn't a mask."
"Fair enough."

"This form is all wrong. We are at set 19A."
"This is set 18."
"Fair enough."
2. A neutral response to something weird, odd, or unexpected.

Mark is driving at night down a wooded road.

As he rounds the bend, a bird hits his windshield and rockets off into the night.

Mark calmly continues on his way and says," Fair enough."
by F.A.N.D.A.Y.R.E. September 06, 2011
Something a person with serious disability to accept other people's views says as a way to ignore their point.
Student: "I think that MLA formatting has nothing to do with real artwork, and any document titled 'The Art of Writing: MLA Format' is an abomination to all of literature."
Teacher: "Fair enough."
by Ihatethisclassalot September 22, 2009
A way of telling someone that THEY are right without saying YOU are wrong. How to tell someone else they are correct, without admitting that you are NOT CORRECT. A simple way to be wrong and brush it off. A way to spare your pride by saying "your right" or "I was wrong"
1: "Johnny said your papers are late!"

2: "My papers aren't late, I have them printed up and in their respective order. Look, here they are!"

1: "I was suppose have that information before the meeting, I had to bull shxt the committee because you didn't give me the paperwork!"

by CTuc01 January 06, 2011
Fair Enough is a confirmation of a statement. Also can be used as an acronym F.E.
Me: What are you doing?
P: Studying.
Me: Fair Enough


Me: What are you doing?
P: Studying.
Me: F.E.
by Ben Wolf December 03, 2007
What someone says when they can't be bothered to have the courtesy to think of a real response. Abbreviated as just "fair" but can also be used in "fair play"
1. "I hate myspace"
"Fair enough"
2. "The over use of the words fair and enough are causing our generation to be poor communicators"
3. "I shot JR"
"Fair play to you man"
by Rosseh! October 27, 2005
Situation: When two guys are checking out a girl from a distance, and she looks better up close than expected. Usually follows the answer to the question "Potential?"
Dude: Check out that one, 2 o'clock.
Bro: Potential?
Dude: Yeah.
(Girls walks up close and is smoking hot)
Dude and Bro: Fair Enough!
by BP10 November 14, 2007

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