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a type of fanfiction
often seems to be of quality, but ends up being a piece of over-dramatic crap with predictable events, a cliche plot, and OOC characters.
I thought that I had finally found a good fanfiction, but after the first three chapters, Harry got raped by Lucius, Severus, Ron, Dobby, and Neville's toad Trevor, before getting graciously taken in by Draco and cured by Draco's magnificent potion-making skills, abundant kindness, and cock. Harry and Draco immediately fell in love and they declared their adoration for each other after Draco pulled Harry off of a ledge during one of Harry's emotional, suicidal fits. Then they bought a pet unicorn and named it after Fred Weasley.
So ultimately, it was less of a fanfiction and more of a failfiction
by rockintherain May 22, 2010
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