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To engage in the act of utterly destroying MMORPG content and other MMORPG players that prefer to engage in sexual relations with other MMORPG content and players of their own gender while wearing your uneducated middle class suburban upbringing on your sleeve in the form of rampant homophobia, racism, and insensitive rape jokes.
Alright guys, we're gonna have to cut the chit chat and get down to some serious fagraping if we want to down C'thun tonight, fags. We've got other bosses we need to fagrape too.
by Nops August 09, 2006
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To express another level of raping, a level which is most decidedly worse.
ex1. "Yo, I raped that test"
ex2. "Yo, I fagraped that test"
by alec guiness April 12, 2008

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