Being A Master Of All Fagots, and Ocassionally Using Theyre Holes For Your Own Sexual Pleasure.
Ryan Fritts Takes Advantage Of All The Loose Assholes In The Crew, Because He Is The Fag Master.
by DrewThreeSixty August 31, 2010
Top Definition
a homosexual crew leader
you fucking dirty queer fagmaster
by J March 11, 2003
the master of all fags, what else?
wow, that fucker sure is a fag master.
by s00s March 13, 2005
Master of fags or faggots.
A leader of a band or crew of fags and or faggots.
See Fag Faggot.
"Those fags look up to Peter because he huffs butane out of cigarette lighters, what a fagmaster!"
by shitkoks February 25, 2009
a crap tottenham player, oh wait they are all crap!
oh dear we lost again!
by Robin January 03, 2005

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