An insult with the word "Fag" tucked neatly into the word "Bagle". Given to those who exceed the title of "Fag".
Phil: Dude, you're not just a fag you're a fagle.
Rob: Touche
by The Flying Filipino November 13, 2005
Top Definition
A fag
One who likes it in the pooper
"I think Kumar is a fagle."
"Oh ya, they're totally gay for eachother."
by Qualityschweppes May 13, 2006
a jewish homosexual; just a gay man in general
That guy is such a fagle!
by Jamal January 07, 2005
A synonym for fag, or gay. Originally stems from Robert Fagles, who is heralded as the best living translator of ancient Greek Drama, and lyric poetry. In his spare time he enjoys being a fagles.
Joe: No I don't want to go to the cave.
Dan: Don't be such a fagles!
Niko: Psshh, Fagles!
by DJ Fagles October 25, 2006
can be utilized to reference a gay person that may resemble the character from lord of the rings.

Or simply a term you can utilize to mess with your friends.
That dude looks like a fagle.

Stop you fagle!

LOL Look at that fagle.
by Jeeperz88 November 07, 2011
a fag and or gay person who takes part in the act of putting his penis in the hole of a bagel.

A man who masturbates with food or any food-like item with a hole in it (such as a donut, a pie, a CD, a water bottle, and anything that involves filling.
Any fag who uses conditioner to masturbate in the shower.
The Fagle so carefully placed his dick into his sesame seed bagel which was lightly toasted.
by The Bored Ones December 05, 2009
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