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Cute, sexy, loveable, guy who i never want to lose
I love you Lantz
by Hicks April 12, 2004
The coolest guy ever at MBA. He can be good or bad, depending on wheather he makes fun of you or you fail his class. He is not exactly evil.
Mr. Spiegl, you are a cool guy.
by hicks April 06, 2005
Hicks Woolwine, the coolest guy ever who goes to MBA and is sooo cool! He is called god by some, and just hicks by others! HE is sooo cool!
Hicks Woolwine is the coolest dude ever!
by hicks April 09, 2005
a dick, a mans penis
"yo bit how my dit tate?"
-yo bitch how'd my dick taste?
by hicks June 02, 2004
a damn sexy bitch
Did you see that fagle?
by hicks April 14, 2004

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