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(n.) One who teaches how to break the law. Quite likely a Jewish man teaching children to pickpocket. Based on Dickens' Charactor from Oliver
I think I better think it out again!
by Gumba Gumba May 17, 2004
1. noun. to be a fagin, to be fagin-like. an object that enables you to fagin someone
2. verb. to fagin/steal someones stuff. to be a fagin to someone.
1.Gus: did you see that guy, he was such a total fagin
Jack: yeah i totaly did what a fagin
2.Gus: Argh! that fagin! he just fagined all my stuff. what a fagin
Jack: yeah i saw that hes a total fagin
by klydefrog[gus] May 29, 2008
a word to describe a person or situation that is orkward and results in one person feeling embarrassment.
that's fagin.
What's fagin?
by kai88 May 10, 2007