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same sex harassment on the work place or in a social group.
form of same-sex harassment often committed by straight and gay people alike usually at a work place, or in a social group.
"That guy just pulled some faggotshit on me at work!"
by boris lugosi September 30, 2004
10 6
basically anything pertaining to being homosexual
Devin: hey man, do you like my shoes?
Kirby: bro, why do you give a fuck what i think...that's faggot shit anyway
by Kirby33 August 19, 2006
53 29
A CS GO clan that likes to screw with people. They constantly kill each other and don't give a fuck about winning or losing. 3 of their members hack and win with them. One does it blatantly, One tries to hide it, and One completely denies it.
Oh shit its the Faggot Shit clan. They're gonna hack and ruin the game.
by BOT ELMO April 17, 2013
14 0
Refers to the shit of homosexuals which is compressed and denotes that a person or thing has similar value to compressed faeces.
What are you looking at faggotshit?

I was going to overtake that cyclist but my faggotshit car won't go fast enough.
by biatch August 27, 2003
5 11