A noun used to call something faggy. Used when wanting to sound like you're speaking Olde English and slang at the same time. Often followed by the use of shut up.
Example 1:

Person 1: Homework on Christmas? What is this faggotry?

Person 2: Shut up...

Example 2:

Person 1: Yo man they closed down the mall...


Person 3: Shut up...
by Dead Woman Walking October 28, 2008
Acts that are homosexual in nature!
Dude, stick your dick in my ass, I love that sort of faggotry!
by Andrew Nash April 08, 2003
1. n. A special brand of deception found amongst gay men, especially between frenemies, where one party is usually attempting to confuse, coerce, or otherwise manipulate another.

2. n. good-natured, good-humored flirting used to achieve a more positive outcome (can be used on both straight men and women).

*faggotry is essentially the "gay force." it can be used for good or for evil*
1. "But Tim said he saw Mark and Stephen making out last night!"
"Please, don't believe anything that bitch says. It's all lies and faggotry."

2. "Go use your faggotry on that clerk; maybe we can get a discount!"
by cx99 November 29, 2008
1-word used to describe someone's feelings towards an undesirable task, rule or chain of events that is deemed to be completely homosexual or without reason or justification.
1-Jimmy,"Did you hear we're working on the weekend?"

2-Because the General is coming tomorrow we have to sweep the sand, this is complete fucking faggotry.

3-Joey got snowballed by his girlfriend and he liked it, that is faggotry.
by HMLA-169 Avionics Division December 21, 2007
See Maximillion Stanley Weber. Relating to the latin gay or faggot. Meaning extermely gay or partaking in homosexual activities.
Every time I see Max, he is partaking in some sort of faggotry.
by Paul James Reeves June 04, 2003
The act of committing an illegal homosexual act.
The homosexual gang bangers raped the people and infected them w/ HIV. There excuse was that the more people they infected, the greater their chances of having unprotected sex. They were arrested for committing faggotry.
by masterbater October 14, 2007
When things are so far fetched it is beyond gay and classified as the act of faggotry.
Yo bruh, why you still at work? Man my boss got me caught up in all this faggotry.
by Alphadime June 11, 2016
A negative term applied to something homosexual in nature. It typically applies to homosexual stereotypes, such as men who take shirtless selfies in the mirror.
No, I will not let you anally fist me. I don't participate in such faggotry.
by Will U. Suckminuts June 27, 2016
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