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a gay midget
That tiny kid in history class is such a fagglet.
by urbandictionaricist August 19, 2009
1.a baby fag or faggot, someone who is not quite a fag but is sorta or is the little brother or sister of one. 2.can also mean a girl faggot.
1.Damn Ryan is a fag! and his little brother is a fagglet!

2.Kirstie is such a fagglet!
by Jenna bo benna August 03, 2006
young homosexual boy still learning his way into faghood.
or simply a young faggot
"stop being a fagglet, if you keeping acting like this your bound to become a full blown cumguzzler"

"you sure are a homo little fagglet arent you!?!"
by mooseman-rey August 13, 2011
other word for faggot
"u r such a fagglet"

"stop being a fagglet dude"
by Sebastiën van Kuilenburg April 18, 2006

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