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A misspelling of faggot, popularized by the lack of spell-checking in chatrooms.
lol ur such a laem fagget
by sahjiarah March 28, 2005
688 263
One who is "getting" gay but has not quite "got" gay...
Eric almost rammed a man in the ass one time which makes him a fagget rather than a faggot...
by 1773leTeapot October 26, 2009
59 78
A person that does not know how to spell "faggot".

Often used as the French way of pronouncing "faggot".
Alisha is a fagget because she can't spell "faggot".
by iknoweverything_trustme June 16, 2007
67 87
adj 1: lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity acuity ant: smart 2: n : an upstart who
makes conceited, sardonic, insolent comments
syn: wise guy, wiseacre, wisenheimer, weisenheimer adj 3: n : something
who is thoroughly disliked 4: adj :
lacking conscious awareness of; syn: oblivious,
oblivious(p), unmindful(p)
1: "Look, he
failed the test again, what a fagget"
2: "Thats REALLY funny... fagget"
3. "My computer is being a fagget" bitch
4. "My dog is a fagget"
by Hedeen March 27, 2005
49 75
queer, homo, homosexual, gay person, a person relating to gayness, a sausage slicer, butt pirate, ass goblin, meat muncher, wanker wanter, shlong song singer, anal police, faggot, fag, pole rider, sausage smoker, fairy, cumguzzler, cock rocker,
mike yegge, tyler lutyens, ryan mccan, richard simmonds
by ridleyflip January 17, 2005
161 202
Hah, A retarded nerd/geek spelling of faggot.
DuDe That kid with all the hot girls and a huge penis is a FAGGET!
by WEINER March 24, 2005
76 121
1. A queer person

2. Bundle of Sticks

_(And only if you are canadian
3. A person who smokes
_stupid canadians)
The Fagget, Do Young is holding a fagget.
by matt March 17, 2005
32 99