to be walking down the street when a car pulls up, usually driven by teenagers. they roll down the window and yell "fag!" or "faggot!". then they laugh like the immature shits they are, and drive away.
"yo fucka, you just got FAGGED!"
Top Definition
"An old school word meaning tired or exhausted"
"Oh crapshit! I am so fagged, I am going to sleep for a week!"
by DJ_PsYkiK August 22, 2004
A term meaning tired or exhausted.
I'm completely fagged after walking five miles!
by The Doctor September 27, 2004
Being sent some sort of message that contains only the word "fag."

Intended to make your friends feel stupid about themselves. Ideally used in gchat, where you send the message and then instantly sign off so the person cannot respond, or in text messages from someone else's phone where the number is not recognizable. Various other very creative forms of 'fagging' are emerging worldwide.
"Who texted you?"
"I don't know, man. I just got fagged."

"Hey, can you fag my friend for me?"
"Yeah, give me the number.... Ok, I fagged that bitch hella bad!"

"Fisher, you mean to tell me you got a letter in the mail that just said 'fag.' in it?"
"Yeah, I got snail mail fagged"
by Moopers April 01, 2008
Done in; Exhausted.
I'm so fagged from trolling the interwebs all night.
by Rayvencure June 18, 2009
the act of being verbally or physically abused by a person of the homo______. community.
i.e. a person dressed as a sexy pirate says "damn, i look sexy" and gets assaulted (verbally and or physically) and becomes mentally scared from said encounter...
his/her friend then turns to them and declares, "you just got fagged..."
by halex075 April 02, 2010
Meaning fucked-up/screwed-up.

My computer just fagged up.

"She got mad at me for no reason!"
"That's so fagged!"
by Koree Jeslin March 20, 2006
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