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A fageechi is almost a similar comparison to the word "f*ck" as in the fact that it can take on absolutely any meaning that would please you. There are many different variations of a Fageechi, including the "Geech", "Fageech", "Eech gee", and "Feech". All of these words have in common a meaning, however unlike the word "f*ck", a Fageech has such an immense power to it that "f*ck" wouldn't be taken with anything except a grain of salt.
"Fageechi?" - Interruptional Statement

"What the Geech?!" - Distressed attitude.

"What are you going to do tonight?" - Questionable.
"I'm gonna get me some fageech." - Statement.
"Damn. Lucky." - Remark.

"Baby Geechee!!" - Excited Statement.

by Tawd and Garrett February 14, 2006
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