#1 A young, immature boy who would rather play video games rather than wheeling bitties.

#2 It can be used as a substitute for a name
#1 Steve - wow fagboy is playing xbox again instead of going to the party.

#2 -Where is Duncan?

-Dont you mean fagboy?

-Oh yeah, where is fagboy?
by steveoo July 05, 2009
someone who would rather prestige than get up his numbers up. also they make bad decisions and hookup with only grenades.
friend: yo fagboy wanna go to this south party?
fagboy(ryan): cant i just unlocked the AK
by imcrayazay July 25, 2011
a pussy who usually loves his dads cock.
does this look like a fag boy convention!!! get outta here
by lol at u November 27, 2008
1) a who likes to fuck other boys
2)collective noun for a group of homosexual males
George likes to fuck ruan. They are both boys... Therfore George is a fag boy

yesterday i saw them....who...the fag boys!
by Tsjsc August 18, 2011
Derogative term for an individual from Cape Breton island. Extremely vain and fancies himself a celebrity. Most people take pity on him and by offering free food.
You know fagboy from cape breton? Typically works in a computer store and looks like TinTin.
by Richard Sanderson July 12, 2006
Someone who is addicted to a ps3 and gets boners from looking at it, also someone who claims killzone 2 is better than halo 3
Fagboy:: "Duh, im a fag, i like ps3"
by Unpopular Ownage June 23, 2009
when a bitch skips out on a firefight cause he knows he done for.
Justin:"dude your ass is mine"
Random Clown:"oh no!!!(rounds the corner with his tail between his legs)
Justin:"come here fag boy"
by k 2the yle May 17, 2006

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