Someone who really likes thier cigarettes and or is a chain-smoker
Fagalicious smokes 100's.
by blue1633g3 November 19, 2009
The Opposite Of Fergalicious!
You Think Your Fergalicious but Your Really Fagalicious!
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 29, 2008
Pretaining to being gay (homosexual). Thought to be liked or thought positive of by the stereotypical homosexual (and therefore, "gay")
Evan's haircut is fagalicious. He was right, I'll never tell him to cut his hair again. DAMN!
by Emperor Evan the Venerated February 10, 2008
Describing someone who is resembling excessive fag like qualities/homosexual like qualities
"Tom, those pants are fagalicious"
by GT Webb IV December 03, 2006
Used to describe something that is so pleasing it meets or exceeds the expectations of a homosexual.
Did you see that boy Pedro brought to the club with him? He was fagalicious!! I wish I'd met him first!
by Altzibar July 29, 2005
Patrick Hall
He's fagalicious, he puts them boys on rock rock.
by jwoodiscool December 10, 2010
Something that is faggot like.
Elton John is "FAGALICIOUS"
He He what a fag.
by Obey December 15, 2007

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