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Alright kids dack your mother and lick the little brown flower in between her bottom cheeks then put your hand up the hole up the front
Good luck
do not try this in public
Little timmy saw his mum in the nude with a coffee jar stuck up her cunt and she bent down screaming and he licked her little brown flower in her ass (ya mums ass), She slapped him with her penis,
he he he he
by Obey December 15, 2007
Ya mum sucked ya dad until he squirted his "Man cream" onto her face and down her tits.
Billy sucked his mums penis once she slapped him with it and she shot man cream and a jar down his throat.
by Obey December 15, 2007
Something that is faggot like.
Elton John is "FAGALICIOUS"
He He what a fag.
by Obey December 15, 2007
a person who has a dry, prickly dick called a "Cactus dick"
After Billy sucked his mums penis and she man creamed and jared down his throught he got his tongue cut up on her cactus dick.
by Obey December 15, 2007
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