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Practice performed by closet homosexuals to feel superior and to forget about their homosexuality. It involves beating up gays because they are gay. The people who perform fag bashes fall on the lower-end of the I.Q. and will probably never see a woman naked.
Chad: "I just fag bashed this guy, dude"
Me: "Please kill yourself you scum of society. You will never amount to anything"
by cancergaben June 13, 2016
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To brutally fuck up a known queer for being said queer. Not because of fear but because the queer deserves it.
"im going to capitol hill to bash on some fags." "Its fag bashin time!" "hey! lets go to a buckcherry concert and fag bash that fag josh todd!"
by fag basher September 16, 2008
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(n.) a really great party thrown by a stylish gay guy.
"Damn! That was a bangin' fag bash!"
by Bender.D September 23, 2011
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