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A fag train is someone who you know is really gay and wont admit it. You call them a fag train because you know they take it up the butt.
Dude Joey Huot is such a fag train but he wil never just tell the truth.

Wow that guy in the crocs is such a fag train its unbelievable.
by jack the tank June 20, 2011
A series of gay/faggy events or people.
Nixon was a fag for watergate. Ford was a fag for pardoning him.... therefore they are a Fag Train.

4 guys waiting on line to watch a chick flick would also be a fag train.

I just saw Jerry blowing 5 guys... he must be blowing the fag train. I hope they shoot gonorrhea in his eye and he dies
by Parth S Patel March 07, 2011
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