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A word used on the west coast to describe being extremely drunk or intoxicated.
Dud i was so faded last night I vomited.
by Edwardo Jones November 18, 2008
19 24
Unprecedented and innovative street wear clothing line influenced by drinking, smoking, good times, and dreaming high.
Dude, that Faded shirt is tight! Where'd you get it?

I got it at Faded Apparel. Faded isn't just being drunk, stoned, or some clothing line; it's a way of life!
by f_apparel July 10, 2008
1 6
Fading in and out of consciousness(similar to lucid dreaming) while on an opiate/opioid. There are plenty of terms for a marijuana high, faded is solely for an opiate/opioid euphoria.
Dude I railed that oxy last night I must have been completely faded, I was nodding out so hard it must have been the most realistic dream I've had in a long time.
by ahkwa777 May 23, 2012
13 19
When someone rejects you
Man that girl just faded me
by cool guy244 August 04, 2009
10 18
The act of getting high, then relaxing and kicking back with a few beers until your drunk too.
Dude...We were high as hell! then we decided to get faded. Go big or go home, right?
by ZigZag February 28, 2012
6 15
East coast word used in NJ and tristate area. To be high off pills, perks or oxy. In jersey its not used as another word to say Im drunk or stoned it means fucked up off jawns "perks" "oxy".
Dude after i Bumped that line it mind fucked the shit out of me Im so faded.

Dude i cant open my eyes I'm so faded.

When im faded all i do is mumble i cant talk for shit
by jawnmann November 08, 2010
9 18
To be taken care of, for instance when you are down and out.
Joe: Dude, I can't go clubbing tonight. I'm broke.
Ted: No worries dude, I got you faded.
by Mike Dawg 69 August 04, 2009
53 62