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an obese or very fat woman who has a very distinct laugh that sounds like a witch cackling.
Man, that fat bitch was fackling through the whole movie.
by Kelly May 02, 2003
"Fact shackles." (Portmanteau) - A necessary component of trustworthy journalism oft-relinquished by Fox News pundits to inflame right-wing sentiments.
"And once you free yourself from the fetters of fact shackles (or "fackles") in the present day, you'd be amazed by what you can do with the facts from the past!" - Jon Stewart, The Daily Show
by Greg B. April 09, 2010
An alternative curse word that is used in place of an utterance of a more foul, four letter word that also begins with an f.
"Oh, Fackles! I forgot to lock up the house!"

"It's okay, it's 12/21/12. We'll be dead shortly anyway.
by eggowaffles December 30, 2012
Word means to mentally demoralize your opponent in any way, means basically to offend your opponent, means anything negative
Dude that bitch looks like a fackle
by Jgm2013 December 25, 2013
man with the parts of a woman. Not a hermaphrodite, not a transgender. Just a man with the parts of a woman
That guys a fackle
What a fackle
by Nick Stifel February 09, 2010
An unattractive person whos breath smells like death. Believes that they're hot but in reality the bitchs face looks fucked up and will switch to psycho mode if you do what I'M doing.
1. That's Jenny over dur go holla shes all you.

2. ROFLMAO! comeon. I mean, COME ON! She's Fackle

1. I was joking I would never hit that either.
by TheJuiceWeasle January 22, 2010

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