A word used by people who do not know how to spell . These people are usually from stardoll who are ticked off for no apparent reason but want to take their anger out on other people . This usually happens in clubs like : AskPaulinagirls , Animal-lovers and FashionClub .
Fack you!
by xNonamex March 20, 2010
Used as a replacement for the word "Fuck," most notably in the Eminem song "Fack".
"Fack, fack, fack. I am, I'm going to cum.

Shove a girbil in your ass through a tube - ew, ew, ew, ew"
by Madcow1041 September 25, 2006
The pronunciation of "fuck" by John Malkovic's character "Teddy KGB" in the movie "Rounders" at the end when Matt Damon says "don't splash the pot".
"...and in my club, I'll splash the pot whenever the Fack I please."
by worm February 24, 2005
not a ghetto term, can be used however the fack you want it to be used!
wow fack that!, yah what the fack is going on? I dont fackn' know! shite,... I Dont give a fack...
by Joe Facker October 08, 2003
shoving a grebale in someones ass through a tube during intercourse
she was scream at the top of her lungs, "facking freak me!"
by charloaf January 02, 2008
THE GROSSEST SONG EVERR! eminemis dirty and very discusting. but funny at the very same time

person watching the video- OMG OMG fack is soooooo funny
by fackisfunny February 07, 2009
A song that will make you die inside, and cry on the outside.
I listened to fack. Then I had the sudden urge to spew fluids from all ends.
Me: I listened to fack by Eminem.
Timmy: OH GOD, I AM SO SORRY! *begins to spew from all openings*
by Hadvar's pimp December 25, 2011
A certain way of pronouncing the word "fuck".

May be confused with the swedish word for locker. Has happened a few times :/

-Would you like a big fack or a small fack?
by buv September 27, 2006
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