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anyone foolish enough to intentionally repeatedly use facebook
Using social networking sites, aka datamining, is patently foolish but only facetards use facebook
by unrecalcitrant November 10, 2010
709 61
someone with a retarded looking face. hence, facetard. can also be used as a verb, as in making someones face completely retarded
dude, tom's such a facetard

I like to facetard random people in photoshop.

by TheRman0 August 11, 2008
28 50
Someone who is addicted to facebook.
Rob is so happy to have completed his 500th quiz this month! He has also just added has 2000th "friend" who is actually a friend of his friend's cousin's niece. Way to go, Facetard!
by zognatoid May 28, 2009
35 58
A name used in place of "Facebook" when the website exhibits one of its many glitches.
Rob is so happy to be receiving notifications about things he can't view on the pages of people who aren't his friends. Way to go, Facetard!
by TranceXplant March 05, 2009
7 51