a term that describes when one flies a great distance and lands on their face, often skidding several meters with severe pain and humiliation
doctor: what happened?
stoner: he did a faceship, with his face, and i laughed
doctor: yeah, i laughed too
wounded person: (dies of severe facial injury)
by thepumaman November 29, 2011
Top Definition
The art of flying a large, interstellar spaceship into the face of a creature, usually with the words "Your Face" uttered just before impact.
"It is written in the books of Awesome, that Mortimer the Ruthless was finally defeated, when Anhar the Heroic sacrificed himself by crashing his spaceship into Mortimer's face. Anhar's final words before impact were "Your Face". Those words were broadcasted across the cosmos and now stand written on the monument of Anhar's heroic faceship"
by Zhadu February 27, 2012
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