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a term that describes when one flies a great distance and lands on their face, often skidding several meters with severe pain and humiliation
doctor: what happened?
stoner: he did a faceship, with his face, and i laughed
doctor: yeah, i laughed too
wounded person: (dies of severe facial injury)
by thepumaman November 29, 2011
1. a very sexy helicopter
2. sex had whilst riding in a helicopter
3. sex had between two very sexy helicopters
4. sex had with a helicopter from anything between a human being and a tree
5. having sex in a way that reminds one of a helicopter
6. having sex and somehow attaining altitude sickness from it
7. a cockblocking helicopter that crashes into your house while you're having sex, possibly with another helicopter
1. that's one pimpin sex-copter
2. i totally sex-copter'ed her
3. did you see that sex-copter go down between those sex-copters
4. yeah, i had a sex-copter back there through the missile tubes on that apache
5. i don't know why, but that felt like a sex-copter back there
6. i got sex-coptered and had to throw up mid-course
by thepumaman November 27, 2011

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