facebook+romance; when two people are so obsessed with each other that they post on each other's Facebook walls at least 10 times a day
Person 1: Did you see Kira's post to Jacquelyn's wall? Person 2: Yeah, I'm so tired of their facemance. It's always in my news feed!
#facebook #romance #love #annoying #news #feed
by rinseandrepeat March 01, 2011
Top Definition
A romance between two people that takes place on someone's Facebook wall for all the world to see.
Aw how cute, Nicole and Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome are having a facemance!
#online romance #facebook #love #dating #wall to wall
by sharkbaityaya April 20, 2009
When two of your facebook friends begin dating and they post about their romance online - over and over and over again.
Thankfully, the facemance between Mike and Jenny didn't last long. It's a good thing because their friends were blocking their ongoing "I love you pookie" posts.
#romance #relationship #dating #facebook #lovebirds
by wornoutwriter November 03, 2010
Using Facebook to flirt with old boyfriends or girlfriends or people you wish you would have dated.
Evan and I dated almost 20 years ago, so it's really nice to Facemance with him again!
#flirt #love #date #like #romance
by juicypirate June 20, 2009
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