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A romance between two people that takes place on someone's Facebook wall for all the world to see.
Aw how cute, Nicole and Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome are having a facemance!
by sharkbaityaya April 20, 2009
When two of your facebook friends begin dating and they post about their romance online - over and over and over again.
Thankfully, the facemance between Mike and Jenny didn't last long. It's a good thing because their friends were blocking their ongoing "I love you pookie" posts.
by wornoutwriter November 03, 2010
facebook+romance; when two people are so obsessed with each other that they post on each other's Facebook walls at least 10 times a day
Person 1: Did you see Kira's post to Jacquelyn's wall? Person 2: Yeah, I'm so tired of their facemance. It's always in my news feed!
by rinseandrepeat March 01, 2011
Using Facebook to flirt with old boyfriends or girlfriends or people you wish you would have dated.
Evan and I dated almost 20 years ago, so it's really nice to Facemance with him again!
by juicypirate June 20, 2009
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