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Someone who judges another individual or group because of their face(s).
I hate you!
Because you have a mole on your face.
That's faceist!
by mmmm...rootbeer April 16, 2009
A person who judges or discriminates another because of their facial features.

Fear or suspicion of a person because of their facial characteristics.
Persona A: "I didn't give him the job because he had evil looking eyes."

Person B: "Really, isn't that a bit faceist?
by Mr Musing January 22, 2011
a person who judges another potential mate/f*ck buddy/life partner on how good their face looks, and not on their personality
hey man, I was trying it on with x last night, but I didn't have a chance, she is a total faceist
by The Bollox July 28, 2007
Someone who uses Facebook status updates to spread hate or complain about other people.
I got tired of Joe's face-ist comments so I hid him from my news feed.

Mary is complaining about her co-workers on her Facebook page again. She is such a face-ist.
by cathazme February 03, 2010
Someone who is racist against mustaches of the face!
Jane: So Jim grew this mustache, he looks like a pedophile.

Joe: Wow..... That was faceist.
by protectorofthemustache December 03, 2010
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